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Did you know that designers work with a colour palette deemed this seasons colours, and that pretty much everything you can buy on the high street has been designed using these colours or a variation of them?

It seems that it's not only styles that change with the season but also the colours! That would be why you can't find anything to go with what you bought last season.. frustrating isn't it?

Anyway, just to give you a heads up, here is the list of this seasons colours. (Please excuse the very rough approximation of the colours - limited resources in the way of felt tips..)

spring-summer colours 2015 (2)        

This seasons colours are cooler and softer, perfect for lazy Summer days.

  • Aquamarine has to be my absolute favourite colour! It is also apparently the main colour for this season, beautifully calming.
  • Turquoise, another gorgeous shade of blue (or green, depending on your perception). This is a bright and Summery colour - think mediterranean seas!
  • Pale green or Eau de nil is a graceful vintage colour, I love it!
  • Blue. Although I always say that blue is my favourite colour this is probably my least favourite shade. But.. it is a great accent colour.
  • Almond is a neutral colour but is also a warm Summer shade, imagine those sandy beaches!
  • Dusky Pink is another great Summer colour, much more flattering than the bright neon pinks you see everywhere.
  • Tangerine is a really vibrant colour and looks fabulous in bold prints.
  • Yellow.Probably my least favourite colour of all, I absolutely cannot wear this colour - I look awful in it! Though this seasons version is more muted making it a little easier to wear.
  • Maroon, a lovely rich, earthy colour.
  • Grey,a restful colour that probably works best as a background to other brighter shades.

So there you have it, the colours for this Spring and Summer - though if you're anything like me you'll just buy whatever takes your fancy!

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